Teething babies are so much fun – said no mum ever!

What to expect when babies are teething. We all know as adults when we have wisdom teeth come through-how painful they can be! So we can understand how painful it would be for babies when sometimes they have not one but few teeth cutting through their gums at the same time! When babies are getting their first teeth cutting through, their gums are very itchy and painful. Hence they will try to chew everything that they can get their hands on and dribble. Problem is often they get their hands on dirty stuff that are on floor and get sick from it. So often teething is associated with fever and kids being sick with diarrhoea.

Good news is there are ways to help kids while they are teething:

1. Frozen washcloth
2. Homemade fruit Popsicle/frozen rice or frozen mash vegetables
3. Gentle massage with clean hands or washcloth on baby’s gums
4. Teething toys
5. Clove oil that can temporarily numb the gums and give relief
6. Cold drink bottle or spoon

Which baby teeth come first and when?

Usually baby’s lower front teeth (incisors) comes through first at around 6 months of age. Like any other mile stones this age can be different for different kids.some kids can have their first tooth at 4 months or some can be after their first birthday. Sometimes kids can get their top front teeth first before their lower ones and that is normal too.

Can teething cause serious problems to your baby?

If a baby develops high temperature (>100)or severe diarrhoea then they need to be seen by a doctor urgently. Dentists are worried about teething, when kids don’t have any signs of teeth by 14-15 months as there might be missing baby teeth which can be associated with some other syndrome that might need some investigations.

Other reason dentists need to see a teething baby is when the gums start to turn blue or red instead of being pink as there can be an eruption cyst and needs to be checked by a dentist to help the baby with eruption of the tooth. If you are concerned about your baby ’s teething or have any questions about their teeth please give us a call on 02 60401811 and our expert dentists can give you more guidance.