Helping children deal with loose teeth

Loose teeth and tooth fairy visit can sometimes turn into a little competition in the school playground. I remember my son getting so upset that everyone in his class has lost baby tooth but he hasn’t still lost any teeth. I had to explain him that no matter when you lose your first tooth but I promise you everyone will have 20 visits from tooth fairy – some sooner than later so keep calm and keep brushing!

Tips to look after teeth when baby teeth are loose

Please continue to brush and floss your kids teeth even when they are loose. Use low-fluoride toothpaste if your child is younger than six. Use adult fluoride toothpaste after your child turns six. Your child might find chewing is more difficult when teeth are loose or missing, but your child still needs to eat healthy foods.

Sometimes an adult tooth will come through before the baby tooth has fallen out. If the baby tooth hasn’t fallen out within 2-3 months, see your dentist. Your child needs your supervision and help with brushing until they are at least eight years old.