Are you brushing your teeth properly?

Everyone brushes their teeth (well-I would like to think thy do!) but only 1 in 10 people know how to brush their teeth effectively.

Why it is important?

Not only brushing your teeth gives you whiter and cleaner teeth and freshness but most importantly main aim of brushing is to remove plaque and food debris from your teeth.plaque is a thin ,sticky film that contains millions of nasty bacteria.(you can scratch your teeth with you finger nail and you can feel it)

How to brush properly

You must have guessed by now that plaque forms on all surfaces of your having sequence and method to brushing is very important !

#Divide your mouth in 4parts.

Start with top right then top left followed by bottom left and finish at bottom right (This sequence can be changed but important thing is to have a routine)
#now again divide these parts into outer,inner and bitting surfaces.

Place your brush at 45 degree angle to gums.
brush your teeth from gums towards bitting surface in up and down motion.
Brush outside,inside and biting surface .

*Each quadrant should take 30sec .

*You need to brush in the morning after breakfast and in the evening after dinner.


1. Brush your teeth in front of a mirror.
2. Play your favourite song for 2 minutes or have a timer to remind you to brush for 2 minutes .
3. When you are brushing top teeth at the back-open your mouth wide to place your brush in right position ,then close your mouth as it allowed the cheek muscles to relax and helps keep the brush in right position!
4. While brushing your front teeth on inside surface-place your brush vertically.
5. Always use soft/extra soft tooth brush.
6. If you are a gagger then use baby tooth brush or electric tooth brush.
7. You should discard your toothbrush when the bristles start to fray.If you need to discard your tooth brush before 3 months ,you might be brushing too hard and if your tooth brush is fine even after 3 months,you might not be brushing enough!

Make sure you ask your dentist to show you proper brushing technique when you are at the dentist next time!

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