5 Habits that can affect your child’s teeth

1.Soft drinks, juice or flavoured milk habit.

Any drinks that have added or natural sugar in it, aren’t good for your kids teeth. Please only give plain milk or water to your kids.

2. Thumb Sucking, finger sucking, lip sucking habit.

Thumb sucking is considered normal for young babies and toddlers. But if this habit —However, once the permanent teeth start coming in — usually somewhere between the ages of 4 and 6 — thumb sucking can cause a misalignment of the teeth, which can lead to a number of issues, such as difficulty chewing. If your child won’t stop sucking her thumb, you should let your dentist know.

3. Dummies to Preschoolers.

Like thumb sucking, if dummy is given to preschool going kids ,can affect your kids teeth and jaws very adversely. Sometimes Causing misalignment of teeth and palate. Best time to stop giving dummies to your baby is when they turn 2!

4. Nail biting habit.

Like adults, kids can also have nail biting habit. Which can obviously introduce bacteria’s in the mouth if their hands/ nails are not cleaned properly. If done regularly, it can also damage your kids’ teeth. Research suggests that nail biting can often lead to bruxism or clenching habits in adulthood.

5. Gnawing on pencil.

Again a very common habit in school going kids. This can introduce bacteria and infection in the mouth. Can also damage your child’s teeth / gums if he falls over with pencil in his mouth.